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Generating a full backup

July 12, 2009     0 comments

A full backup will backup all files needed to restore your account if it is corrupted, deleted, or moved to another server. Generating a full backup and saving it to a remote location can be a very safe move in case of problems with your account.

1 To access the Backup Menu, click on the icon above the words Backup on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 Click on Generate/Download a Full Backup

3 Select the destination you wish to save the backup to from the drop box next to Backup Destination:

4 Enter your email address in the field next to Email Address:. An email will be sent to this address when the backup is completed.

5 If you are backing up to a remote server, place the server's name, your username, and your password on that server in the appropriate fields.

6 Click on Generate Backup to start the backup process.

When backing up to a remote server, make sure you have properly entered the servername, your username on that server, and your password for that account

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